Children's Bible Study


By Gene McCarty

This book is credited to Moses, and includes the history of the Jewish people for about 2,500 years. It reveals the beginning of man on this earth, and the beginning of sin. The information is not complete the plan for sending Jesus to save us from our sins is introduced.
During this period of history man lives to an age of nearly 1,000 years. Also, it is during this period of time that the first rain falls upon the earth. The flood in the time of Noah was very significant and caused great changes in the physical world.

1. This book begins with the beautiful account of the creation of the world and of man. This account is the only reasonable explanation of the origins of this system of life.

2. By the third chapter we see the introduction of sin into the world because of the lust of man. Man wanted to be like God and actually gave up much of his God-likeness.

3. Chapter four details the sin of Cain as he kills his brother Abel, and we see the terrible hold that Satan has on man.

4. The sixth thru the ninth chapter gives details of events surrounding the world-wide flood and the near destruction of mankind.

5. Soon the tower of Babel is taking shape and man has engineered a new sin to separate himself from God. Read Gen. 11:6.

6. The Life of Abram begins in chapter twelve. This is the beginning of the Jewish nation as the people who were to provide us with Jesus Christ.

7. Chapters eighteen and nineteen give the details of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The story of these cities seems to be up to modern standards. It is hard to imagine how a city could be more sinful.

8. A detailed account of Abraham’s descendants begins in chapter twenty-one. Abraham’s family starts out very small, yet it is one day to be numbered as the sands of the sea.

9. The thirty-seventh chapter reveals Joseph’s dream and the account of his being sold into slavery in Egypt.

10. By chapter forty-two Josephus brothers are traveling to Egypt to find food for survive. They were amazed to learn that God was able to work good from their evil.

11. In chapter forty-six Joseph’s family moves to Egypt and were given pasture for their flocks.

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