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Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were placed in a beautiful garden called Eden. It was a wonderful place. God provided everything they needed.

But, Satan, in the form of a snake, told Eve she could be like God. She could know the difference between good and evil. He told her she would not die if she ate the beautiful fruit God had told her not to eat. Satan lied!

Eve loved beautiful things, and the special tree was one of the most beautiful things in the garden. She knew she was not supposed to even touch the tree…but the fruit smelled and looked so good.

She could enjoy some delicious food and get wise at the same time. She could not resist the fruit. She ate some and convinced Adam to eat some of the fruit with her.

The fruit did just what Satan said it would do. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, their eyes were opened and they could tell the difference between good and evil.

But, because they ate the fruit, they had to change their life style. They could no longer live in the beautiful garden.

Bible timeline


Noah’s grandfather was Methuselah. Methuselah lived 969 years and died in the year of the Noah Flood. He lived longer than any person recorded in the Bible. Noah’s father was Lamech. Lamech died five years before the flood. Noah was 600 years old when the flood came, and died at the age of 950 years. Read Genesis 5:25-31, 7:6, 9:28 and see if you can prove that all this information is true.

The earth says there was a huge flood!

The California La Brea Pit is a huge deposit of tar and asphalt that is used to make roads. This pit is hundreds of feet deep and filled with the bones of all kinds of animals. Some of these animals have been extinct for a long time…and some live today. We know the animals did not just fall into this pit because the bones are broken and scattered…torn apart by some huge natural force. Human bones have been found under the bones of extinct animals. All of these bones are found in water-laid asphalt.

North of Mount McKinley in Alaska, there is a huge graveyard of animals. Gold miners dug through 140 feet of frozen gravel and muck to get to their gold. They found much more than gold. They found a water-laid graveyard full of frozen animals and mangled trees. Some of the animals still had ligaments and skin. It would take a monstrous flood to leave this kind of graveyard.

In the New Siberian Islands of Russia, there are so many bones of the extinct mammoth that it seems like the islands are made of bones cemented together with sand. Mangled animals were buried among twisted, splintered tree. Some of these piles are 300 feet deep. Some of the mammoths were frozen alive and still have undigested food in their stomachs and blood in their veins. The meat of these giants was like fresh meat. These animals suffocated or drowned. It sounds like this was caused by a gigantic flood.

The nature of God!

God does not show us a little power, He shows us his mighty power!
God always gives us believable details!
God tells us the size of the ark.
A huge flood needed a lot of water. God tells us how the water covered the earth.
God tells us how the animals got into the ark.
God tells us how long it rained and how long the flood waters stayed on the earth.
God hates sin!
God is very patient, but He will not stand bad things forever.
God is very loving and always takes care of the people who obey him.
God tells us the good and bad things about his people, so we can have hope.

Bible timeline


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